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Welcome to two seminars on the topic How to structure coursework in research methods to meet challenging needs for knowledge development in health care sciences? with our guest professors Philip Moons, Marit Kirkevold and Wendy Chaboyer

Nyhet: 2017-02-20

1st of March at 13-16. Key note speakers Philip Moons and Marit Kirkevold. Premises: room 4205, house 4.
4th of April at 14-16. Key note speaker Wendy Chaboyer. Premises: room 7033, house 7.

Notify your participation to: karin.mossberg@gu.se
Coffee & cake is served!

Over and over again scholars argue and critical reviews display that descriptive and small scale studies has dominated health care research, including in Sweden. Great emphasis is today given on directing knowledge development within health care sciences (including nursing and midwifery) to clearly focus on intervention, implementation and participation, and other types of practice development oriented knowledge development orientations (theoretical and practical). This means a need for programmatic research, which applies specific methods tailored for specific aspects (of the overall research programme); a range of methods might be applicable. Today, within the doctoral education programme there is however few/no research methods courses focusing on intervention, implementation or participatory methods. Rather, courses are structured according to distinct philosophical and/or methodological traditions and orientations such as phenomenology, hermeneutics, grounded theory. To what extent this current structure of courses in research methods is appropriate to provide knowledge and skills for the careers of our future scholars to contribute with intervention, implementation and participatory knowledge development is unclear. For this reason, we invite to a critical seminar discussion of this issue.

The seminar aims to
- discuss current trends in methodological uses in health care research
- relate it to challenges in future knowledge development in health care research
- possibly suggest a tentative structure for how to didactically organize courses in research methods for the doctoral education programme in health care sciences
- (later on) discuss if such didactic structure has implications for course organisation in research methods on the masters – and possibly undergraduate – education.

Outline for the seminar
- Introduction and background to the seminar
- Key note addresses by Guest professors at the Institute,
- Group discussion
- Panel – summary.


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